About Luchrist

Luchrist LLc is a fairly new company in the fashion industries that was launched in June 2017 by Christelle Patricia Tsakou.
The main goal is to make modern African and western fashionable clothes, accessories more accessible to international audiences.
Luchrist is the result of a long dream, but also a product of tremendous work accomplished since it’s creation.

Our product are carefully handcrafted. Each Piece has style, beauty, and history, all in a single piece of adornment.
We offer unique, ethnic, and tribal jewelries.
The artisans use contemporary, antique, ancient beads and articrafts to make one of a kind treasure collected from various Countries.
Our clothing are made with high quality African fabrics. They are exceptional, bold, and timeless.
Most important is the nature of our trade with our partners in Africa and Europe: Its not the conventional trade, but a fair trade, because we believe that human being should be put first. Through every products order that we place to our partners in foreign countries, we indirectly provide jobs to women and young workers. Approximately 80% of what we sale comes from Africa, while the rest comes from Europe to suit they that don’t see themselves getting well with Africans print.
We are looking to expand our charity line to all 54 African countries and support as many artisans as we can.

Discover our collection, our story, share your thoughts!!!

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